Monday, June 30, 2008

right on cue

JuneJuly Holidays. After summer holidays, would have to be my favourite time of year. Mainly because: i get 2 weeks to just chillax and do nothing, because its too cold for holidays at the beach and no school means no uniform which means a whole wardrobe full of clothes to select from every morning.
It also means all the 'to-do-lists' in my diary from the previous 10 weeks of school can be fulfilled. Put up picture frames, redecorate room and finish all the diy fashion jobs lying about.


shorts: cue
belt: mums from back in the day
top: paula ryan??
necklace: sportsgirl

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I was having a bit of a skwizz on Teen Vogue a few weeks ago when i found this photo of Erin Featherston. And i have to say i find it amazing. Her skirt is so original and simple and sweet. But i guess, fair enough, shes a designer, she should be dressing like that, but i still can't get over how much i love this skirt.
I'm also loving the sailor, horizontal striped tops that have been aorund now for yonks. Vogue Australia had a few in a shoot about 4 months ago and it was totally inspirational. I need to find myself one.

And touching on more inspirations. Kate Bosworth. Where has she ever gone wrong?
She always dons something chic and simple and always seems to get it exactly right.
Either she, or her stylist, has impeccable taste.



Wednesday, June 25, 2008


i'm absolutely raving. been surfing the blogs for a while tonight, when i decided to head over to cafe mode. AMAZING. they all have such impeccable style. its simple and unique and man i wish i could pull it off.

this girl would have to be my favourite. the braces on her skirt, the socks, the blouse. and the colours of her bag and shoes just match so perfectly. amazing.

scarves. they would have to be the main source for my dislike of summer fashion. you can't wear scarves. this scarf is so perfect in fitting with this outfit. she just oozes cool

Saturday, June 21, 2008

jadore chloe

hows this for the finest collection out there
chloe s/s

now all we are waiting for is photos of my clothes

Thursday, June 19, 2008

first stop

this blog is to ultimately satisfy the needs of 4 teenage girls while on opposite sides of the world. clothes and shoes and all the important things that emails and myspace comments just won't cover.
but first ill take this time to post this photo. a favourite from philip lim a few seasons ago, possibly the coolest and simplest outfit. it adequately fulfils my needs for a morning dose of fashion. better get going to school for FINAL ASSESSMENT.


Nummer Eins

the first post.
hopefully it will get a tad more interessant