Thursday, July 31, 2008


so i had a bit of a shuffle through my wardrobe a while ago. found quite a few things that were either outdated/ needed a big of a revamp to get them up to scratch.

this dress was one i bought at salvos about 6 months ago. it used to be about knee length with elbow length sleeves, and really just a tad too old-fashioned and frumpy.

so i got out the scissors and sewing machine, hacked a few inches of and heres the result.

i also thought it was time the old denim jacket saw the light of day again



sorry about the light. had to use video camera because i'm not too sure where the digital camera actually is

and inspiraiton:
you cant really go past the cherry blossom girl for AMAZING photos to draw inspiration
oh the shoes, the SHOES!!


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

h&m please

Thought I would recap on a little shopping expedition i had with my mum last weekend.
We intended, of course, to only go and buy 2 pairs of stockings and some bobby pins, but of course, were side tracked, as Witchery, Country Road and Sportsgirl beckoned.
(Well, mum didn't really enjoy Sportsgirl, but hey i didn't really enjoy Jag or Sportscraft so it was all fair)
So we were browsing through Witchery when the sales assistant came up as per usual, 'hi, how can i help you?' 'Oh, I'm just looking thanks.'
But it went further than that.
She then proceeded to ask me about my top (h & m when a friend visited Germany), and we started talking about our NEED for h&m to come to Australia.
All these big companies are alllll over the world. But they fail to take it that one step further to Australia.

Not only are we deprived of h&m, but also American Apparel, Forever21 etc.
Anyone else have this need to international companies?
I know you're out there

Anyhow heres the outfit
belt-gold coast somewhere?
bag-vintage pierre cardin

til next time!

Monday, July 28, 2008

In a perfect world...

I would cruise around my neighborhood on my cruiser bike
wearing an American Apparel sheer white t-shirt
my cut off levis
with canvas sneakers on my feet
and a canvas school bag on my bag
packed with all sorts of delectable things and vintage pieces
i would ride down to the park and picnic the afternoon away with friends.

unfortunately for me, a perfect world requires money, which requires a job.
and at this stage that is something i haven't got (well if you don't count subway during the school holidays, but $7.59/hour is minimum wage anyway).
what i also won't have is friends during the summer holidays, due to their group travels around the world, while i slave away in a rowing boat all day. so really, the picnics will be with myself, and they only place i will be sharing it is on a blog.

but hey, when i get that bike, it will be pretty marvelous.
and i'm sure there will be other lone souls out there waiting for me to meet them.

happy 29th of july!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

in the pipeline

inspirational title, i know.
i went to see the school musical last night. it was called Pipedreams (didn't mean for it to relate to title, i just opened the dictionary and that was the first thing i saw), and i have to say it was rather hilarious.
i don't know whether half the stuff that i found funny was supposed to be, or that some parts were so corny it was funny.
anyhow here are some looks to tide you over

3.1 Phillip Lim Spring 08
(yea a little late but ive loved Phil's stuff for so long now)

and i love the nomad thing going on at Kirrily Johnston


Monday, July 21, 2008

we have an answer

after much thought sitting on my bed last night staring at my wardrobe i came to the decision that:
this netball awards dinner will be extremely lame; i don't really want to go; i'm just going to dress how i feel like.
so im hoping to get this pair of slim leg 3/4 jodhpur-ish black pants from witchery. unfortunately i cant find a photo of them but anyhows.
and i will wear an extremely old black lace shirt of mums that i discovered yesterday with them. the shirt is long sleeved, see through vintage lace. i'm not too sure how good it will look, but if it turns out a mess well, i'll just scrap that idea and chuck on anything.
it's not like netballers are fashionable. they are more the fashion sense that is bought kinda girls ala previously

havezeys a goodin

Saturday, July 19, 2008

panic stations

i found out today that i have a semi-formal netball awards dinner next saturday night.

that sounds good i thought. i have plenty of clothes to choose from. and then i read further on the invitation and realise it says theme: red, black and white. (those are the associations colours).

dilemma 1: i dont have any semi-formal/ cocktail dress kind of things in red, black or white. (well not any half-decent things at least).

dilemma 2: i dont know whether to actually take this colour theme seriously or just ignore and do my own thing.

dilemma 3: i dont want to buy anything new if avoidable.

ive been wanting to recreate this diy from teenvogue for a while now:
and it would fit in with the theme without being overly 'themey' (if that makes any sense). And i think i would do it sans the black ribbon becasue i think that adds a bit of a tacky edge that wouldnt be appreciated at a snobby netball function.

well i dont know what to do.
i guess i have a week to delve over the situaiton


Thursday, July 17, 2008


i have this picture in my head of two dresses i am very eager to create.
and they both revolve around bird silhouettes.
one of the many times i was surfing the information superhighway that is the Internet i came across this photo of Kirsten Dunst and was utterly inspired
further research into the creatures stitched onto her dress led me to these findings
and by this point i was totally hooked onto bird silhouettes. then earlier on tonight i was once again searching the blogosphere and found a lovely blog called the 16 diaries
and was roaming my way throught her archives when i found her post on the RAFW and i discovered that Michelle Jank is another designer who had a bit of a fetish for birds this season

i am now totally inspired to create a masterpiece like this.
i don't know what this masterpiece will turn out like, whether it be clothing or jewelry or anything, but i am determined to incorporate birds into my look.
whatever 'my look' is.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

is this the real life?

check it out. some septet performing bohemian rhapsody.
quite the entertaining


just need to have a little rant at the boringness of brisbane. pretty much the fashion dud of australia.
there are a few little niches of fashion-inspiring-ness like parts of the valley and west end, but apart from that there's just a big void of copy-everyone/boring-ness.

there are all the school kids (yes i am i school kid but hopefully not in this category) who either a. buy their fashion sense, and well, so darl but thats not really how it works. they strut around like they own the place in all their city beach/roxy/billabong/everyone-owns-the-same-pair-of high-waisted shorts kinda clothes and quite frankly it bores me. and also doesn't show any hint of personality or individuality.
and then there's b. the kids who walk around in huge fluoro cotton on or similar jumpers , ugg boots, and some kind of short short or skinny jean. This is the group that also tend to wear flannelettes.
and if i really wanted to get picky i could talk about the kids who are just a hige walking sports label, lorna jane headband, nike top, puma track pants, converse socks, adidas shoes etc.

and then one day, someone different will come along. someone with modern and edgy, or classic and perfect style will come along, and it quite literally stops me in the street in amazement.
maybe i need to search the streets for these gems of inspiration.
or just sit around complaining about the lack of them


Sunday, July 13, 2008


to come:
-bird silhouettes
-brisbane's uninspiring-ness

just a bit of a mental note

Friday, July 11, 2008

knee highighighigh

yesterday a bought a pair of knee high socks. ive wanted them for a while as a different alternative to stockings, and yesterday they were on sale in sportsgirl for $4.95 so i thought why not?
ive got quite a few outfits running through my head, and have also been checking out some sites for inspiration.
i think theres a few different ways you can do the knee sock

beispiel 1:
with the blazer, short shorts and simple shirt/tee/jumper.
you probably need legs like ^ to pull it off effectively aswell

beispiel 2:
whimsical summer dress & knee highs. i really like this because the socks give the dress more of an edge (and keep you warm perhaps not-so-summery days or summer nights)
kudos to erin fetherston and pandora

beispiel 3:
high gym socks and hot pants. probably would never dare going out in public like this- perhaps only to the gym if im in an overly-eccentric mood- but i really like this idea for chilling around the house or at a friends place.
yeah so jessica simpson isnt the best icon, but hey, cool socks.


Sunday, July 6, 2008

doctor marten part II

Floral Dr Martens. I'm am still clinging to the hope that i will a) save up for them somehow b) convince parents to buy them out of necessity (because they really ARE necessary), and yes it has only been a day since the last post on these beautifully ugly shoes, but my situation so far isn't looking any better.
On a positive note though my situation isn't getting any worse.
And come to think of it, it's not really a 'situation' I'm in. Just lust over a seemly unattainable object.

Anyhow the point is, i was surfing the blogosphere, and came across Moohoop and her blog, the fashion void that is DC. This is where i discovered someone who actually owns a pair of FLORAL DMs.

This pair infact:

And now i am eagerly awaiting for her to post and outfit with them.

doctor marten

Floral Dr Martens. I love them so much. They are my latest obsession/need that will never be fulfilled. Why? Because it's not like i have a spare $200 lying about. Yes $200 and thats at an outlet shop, discounted.
There's this one pair that are so breathtakingly amazing that i walk past every time i got to the gym and it kills be a bit inside everytime i realise how long it will take me to save for them/convince my mum to buy them for me.
And the main culprits are:
I think the reason i love them so much is because the floral pattern takes away a bit of the dero/bogan/overly masculine look but the big chunky sole and laces still keep that edge.
And then i came across these specimens:

If only, if only

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Picasso Picasso. Right here is where i wish i could write some witty/nerdy/interesting statement about the wonders of Picasso and all his inspirational artworks.
But really.
Today we went to the Picasso exhibition at the GalleryofModernArt. It was cool, and some of the drawings/paintings/works were really quite something. But honestly, in some cases i liked the frame better than the actually picture. Shame on me.
I just dont have that much of an appreciation for some types of art. I could sit round for hours reading books/surfing net for more modern-graphic-design-ie work, or street art or something like that, but theres something about walking around an art gallery in the freezing cold, and standing at a painting for hours that really gets to me.
But it was an experience, so i'd recommend the Picasso exhibition to anyone planning on dropping into Brisbane.


this one is actually matisse-> a couple of his works were in the exhibition aswell