Saturday, August 30, 2008



Total and utter amazement. This photo encompasses everything I am looking forward to about summer. Plain, Slouchy T-shirts; Feathers/Scarfs/Ribbons in long (hopefully by then) hair and Freckles.
And freckles is the point i want to make right now. Most people who have them hate them and spend their whole lives covering them up, and usually people without then are glad they don't have them. But i fall into some other category. I have many freckles. On my arms, on my legs, on my face, and even very noticeably on my lips.
But you know what, I like them. They are about as close to a tan as i get, and every year there is usually one morning when i wake up and all of a sudden, my freckles are double as dark as they were the day before, and it makes me happy.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pointing my finger in a certain direction

This is Dolce&Gabbana (thankyou Aquamarinastyle)

These are my schöne Wittner shoes


Now these shoes aren't new or anything, but I'm kind of disappointed because i haven't got very much wear out of them this winter and going into summer i won't be able to wear them because of the heat.
guess i'll have to make the most of spring!

And now head over to Marielle at Chasse Pomme and check her gorgeous new shoezies out


Commercial stations have more of a consumerism approach


Yeah, I know, kinda disappointing that i can't think of creative, whimsical, blasé, airy-fairy blog titles. So a sentence from my 'Current affairs, popular culture and society' english essay will have to do.
Just popping in again to show you all this girl featured on stylesightings

And i would like to point out her AMAZING BIKE
It's my dream to own a bike like that, and just putting it out there that in a few weeks i will be purchasing one of my very own

and i just ordered my american apparel stash just 5 minutes ago, and my and Karl are going to start a t-shirt brand to sell. Watch out world.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Who cares the fuck about an oxford comma?


Excuse the language. So excited, I'm ordering (well mum's credit card is doing the ordering) a couple of things from American Apparel tonight! I'm going for a few absolute basics that i'll mix and match throughout the summer.
I'm hoping to have a really minimalist vibe going this summer with a plain t-shirt, cut off jeans or a sweet little skirt and sandals, with main inspiration coming from the above photo and these two:

(minus blazer though, won't be needing that for scorching heat)

(sooo perfect)

So heres what I'll be ordering

(I'm not sure if the mustard colour is in or out at the moment, but to tell you the truth, i don't care either way)

(this will be so versatile for beaching days at the gold coast and wearing with a skirt or shorts)


(versatile, light-weight, easy to wear with EVERYTHING)

so thats my stash,coming to a grand total of $144, which is preeetttty reasonable.

Now all i need is a perfect pair of gladiators...
p.s. in regards to title of post- currently listening- Oxford Comma, Vampire Weekend

Fallen in the right direction


I don't know about you fellow international bloggers (international being anywhere not part of the main hype of the USA or Europe), but there is one influential celebrity who i hardly hear anything about, who i think should be given a bit more credit that what she is currently receiving. And who may that be? Well Scarlett Johansson of course!

It may just be my isolation from the big scary celebrity world, and my naivety about the decent-ness of some actor-turned-singers, but a few months ago when i heard a few of her songs, i was shocked! i didn't really want to admit it, but i really like it, and in a bid to not be viewed as just another teeny-bopper following the hype of another celebrity with a new poppy hit, i chose to just ignore the song and pretend i never enjoyed it.

And now it's a few months later, i have heard nothing more of Miss Johansson on the airwaves or the grapevine, and have decided its safe to awaken my 'Scarlett Johansson fan-ness' from hibernation, and tell you all.

I have to say what i like about her songs is the non-pop-ness (I've said '....-ness' 3 times now haha)and the fact that her videos have a certain blasé feel that i am hoping to recreate in the summer riding on my cruiser bike oblivious to the world around me.

So check out here for Scarlett Johansson in full glory. And if shes some big hit in the US that Australia just hasn't heard about, why not just take another listen.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

take a bow

i've decided i'll keep this going. just keep plodding along blogging whenever i can and i'll see hows it goes.

today i've been making bows. i made four. a plaid bluey/sea greeny one, a blue and white striped one and two smaller ones that are a mixture of a blue material with a small little white pattern, different blue and white stripes and yellow and white stripe centre. i'm really excited to wear them in my hair on bobby pins.

oh and yesterday at the markets i bought 3 hilarious/cute-at-the-same-time scarves. one is white and green grassy-ish with a poem and picture about the english royal family in the middle! the other has 'birds of Australia' and is orange and white. the third is a lighter orange and has a map of New Zealand in the middle. haha i'm also excited to wear them in my hair during summer, makes me feel a lot like Sadie the Cleaning Lady.

Oh yeah, scarves and bows in hair won't be at the same time (hopefully for my friend's sake-how embarrassing for them walking around with a friend with a material shop exploding out of her head)

jsut then i got a bit handy with the paint, and made a how-to on diy bows.

step one: choose your piece of material. size really depends on the size you want for your bow. but if you fold it horizontally and then vertically, that should be the approximate size of your finished product
step two: fold material with right side on the inside and sew along edge
step three: turn you're now-tube the right way around and adjust it so the seam is in the middle (just makes it look neater)
step four: insert one end of the tube inside the other end and sew together
step five: get another piece of smaller material to go around the centre of the bow (can be same material or not- be creative!)
step six: gather the middle of your bow with your fingers(make sure its in the middle)
step seven: wrap the smaller piece of material around the middle where you have gathered it
step eight: sew the two ends of the smaller material together to keep the bow in place. You may want to sew it to the actual bow itself jsut to keep it extra sturdy.

and Voila!!!
You have a bow.

Oh and by the way this only took me 20 minuted the first time, a very quick project!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

To be or not to be

I'm really unsure about this blog at the moment. I don't really know why but i kinda want to just press pause on it/completely cut it. Because right now is my busiest time of the year like always, I'm full on training and although i don't care about school work at the moment I want to stay on top, and having a blog at the same time just kinda adds more pressure.
And i feel like starting over in say a months time would be a good idea because all this stress will be over. And I'll have more time because school will be null on the radar, my friends will all be in Germany so I'll have a lot of time, and I'll be altering my schools hours so i can have more time to chillax.
I'm not too sure though whether to delete this blog or jsut kinda stop posting and then start again?
Any ideas?

Anyways tomorrow I'm going to the West End markets, which is Brisbane's attempt at being cool. I'm really excited and although I'm saving up for NUMEROUS things, i don't think I'll be able to resist from buying whatever charming things i come across.
This is what I plan on wearing + my denim jacket that i BLEACHED the other day! but thats another story... if there is another. (how dramatic did that sound)



Skirt- Miss Shop (yes thats right) form 3 or 4 years ago

Have a good weekend,
and if i do stop blogging I'll be sure to post about it first


Friday, August 15, 2008


Yes it's that time of year again, ekka!! When we line up for hours in huge crowds, get ripped off at all the stalls, and try to scab as many freebies as possible.
For anyone who doesn't hail from Brisbane, Ekka is like our version of the Royal Easter Show i guess, so there are heaps of cows and horses and goats etc. and then theres all the rides and international food etc.
This year one of my babe-ish friends Sai was in the Face of the Ekka model search, AND SHE WON! So watch out for her in New York, London and Milan in the near future. So we just went along pretty much only to watch her, and we weren't too keen on spending any money, so we just chilled at the Woolworths Food pavilion and checked out the fashion show a few times.
Speaking of the fashion show, apart from Sai modelling in it, it was a bit of a let down (although i was expecting anything big from it anyway). Everything was just a bit too, i don't know, uncreative/not inspiring, but t was fun none-the-less.
Anyways here are a few happy snaps of our day.

(Sai's the one on the left hahahaha)
(having a great time)
You know what really stumped me though, was what to wear. It had to be warm enough, comfortable, not too dressy, but i also wasn't keen on a country bumpkin look either.
So after a while thinking it over and over and over i decided on:
High waisted olive-green skirt, striped cardi/sweater, brown weaved belt, navy leggings and black boots.
And then that was still a bit boring so i scrounged around mum's drawers and found this random scarf to tie around my neck.

Have a good weekend!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ultra Floaty Florals and Tailored Trenches...

...Is not how i would describe these next few inspirations but, when you need a title, you need a title. Anyways, I was browsing net-a-porter last night and came across a few items that really got me thinking/crying out to my mother in amazement.
Firstly, these two creations by See by Chloe and Miu Miu, I believe are just crying out to me. They definitely suffice my need for colour, in fact the Miu Miu shift takes it about a few (thousand) steps further. i don't really know at all what attracts me to it because really, its just a rip off a clown suit, and i know 90% of people probably find it repulsive. But i have all respect for anyone besides a clown, who dares to pull it off.
And then the See by Chloe skirt. Total and utter perfection. Its a statement skirt I can imagine doing so much with.

While recapping on the images i had saved, i came across a common occurrence. Lacy Cocktail dresses. i didn't really realise i liked them so much until the 'net-a-porter' folder on my computer proved otherwise. The 3 standouts are: A gray organza cocktail dress with black tulle and sequin embroidery by Anna Sui; a cream silk dress with lace front and black satin dress with lace cutouts, both by Thurley.
Need I explain more?

And finally the shoes. Elaborate, eccentric, over-the-top, statement shoes. Ive realised i'm really drawn the pieces that the majority will hate, and a select few appreciate. i know they are a bit out there, but just imagine the reaction you would get wearing them!
Miu Miu:
and Stella McCartney:

i can not wait for the day that i'm living by myself, working full(ish) time, spending money on shoes.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

this is sunrise the olympic edition

sorry about the title, i had no inspiration and that was the first thing i heard from the tv (yes a bit of a sunrise fan, how pathetic),
so in the last week or 2 i've been considering ordering some stuff from american apparel and the only problem i have is that there's so many clothes to choose from and i don't know what to get.
more on that later, i have a few things in mind and i'll get some pictures and links up next time when i can be bothered.
i thought i'd introduce you all to my life outside of this blog.
this is my normal attire 4 days a week between the hours of 4-7am. yes thats right. i row.
so to anyone fashion-conscience who is considering taking up a sport, i would probably recommend tennis and the most fashionable. you know, some times i just love the outfits the likes of Maria Sharapova and Ana Ivanovic rock out in. Rowing would probably be down the very bottom of flattering/fashionable acceptable attire.

and heres one of my sisters wedding just for good measure, it was about a month ago and to be honest, extremely boring


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

mamma mia!

who would have thought.
me actually embracing a body con trend. it has been around for a bit of a looonnnggg while (i remember having photos of christopher kane's body con collection on my myspace when i FIRST made it, myspace, oh myspace), and i never really thought it'd ever get into it.
firstly i don't have the body suited to donning this somewhat unforgiving style, and secondly, i have not once seen a nice body con dress in any of the usual shops i buy in.
But then all of a sudden in the last few weeks a decided i actually really like the whole body con thing, and i might be able to pass it off with a few alterations.

i pulled out an old black skirt from my Auckland University Conservatory of Music performing days (they're into starting kids young...kiwis), and seeing as its a lot tighter on me now than it was when i was 10, i plan on shortening it, altering the waist slightly, and adding a massive metal zip right down the middle.

Let's call on Camille for some inspiration:

i'm über excited!!


Colour my world

Farben Farben Farben
Wie schön

Theres something about bright colours that just attracts me to them. I've never been one to go for a totally monochrome outfit, and always end up adding something bright, all just going all out top to tail bright colours (may not be aesthetically pleasing, but hey, it makes me happy).
The other day while thinking aloud i think i came up with the reason why colours have always been appealing. A few years ago back in the primary school days everyone always told me how i looked so much older for my age. So in some attempt to hide this, or make myself look younger (in hindsight, looking older than you actually are isn't all bad-in fact sometimes it's great), i would dress is bright, pretty colours.
Very girly, pumpkin-patchy and i have to say i was definitely a child victim of the nineties.

So I think it's only natural that, although my taste for bright colours has toned down a lot, there are still some times I'm sucked right back in.
They just make me so happy!


(stylesightings, copenhagenstreetstyle)