Friday, January 30, 2009

if you can imagine it

I couldn't wait til i got back to post this. I made a peacock feather headband/headpiece thing. It's out of 1 peacock feather, a random button, and 2 brown feathers underneath (that you can kind of see/ my hair is covering)


ignore my tshirt. yes the holes in the neck bit were intentional. a kind of let's-see-what-happens-when-i-try-and-shred-this-tshirt attempt gone miserably wrong

so I've now been back at school a whole week. and it is SO hard. well actually just i guess because i havent actually done proper school in about 4 months. i forgot how you actually have to be quiet, and listen, and take notes, and then you have to actually understand. oh man, i went chemistry, biology, maths, all in a row today. my brain is so burnt out and all a big jumble of cells, organelles, funcitons, relations, compounds and elements. tough stuff. back to the books again for the year i guess...

ok now i promise i am actually going away for the weekend

Thursday, January 29, 2009

the minor fall, the major lift

i found this old photo on my computer the other day, one of the few of my actual folders that was backed up on the external backyuppythingy. look how cute my brother was!! it's funny because hes a giant 6 foot galoot now. and check my sick floral dress in the background haha

so the actual point of this post is to show you these poofy, bloomer-esque shorts i made a few weeks back. i was in desperate need of some lightweight shorts because the heat was killing me, so i just chucked whatever material i could find together, gathered it a bit and voila!


(handmade shorts, one teaspoon belt, miss shop tshirt)

i'm going to buy some new fabric markers, and a good pair of stockings today, and attempt to make those peacock feather stockings a few people have been making. well by making i mean draw. and by a few people i mean the clothes horse i think, and a few others i cant remember exactly who, very sorry.
so yeah, see how that goes.
i'm off to woopwoop for the weekend. rowing again. woohoo. be back Sunday night hopefully.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

sun shining bright


Hello everybody.
This is my first post since I started the year back at school, how exciting! All is very normal-but-bot this year. I have none of my friends in my classes, which is good because i have no one to talk to about non-school-related-things anymore, but it also makes class about 50 trillion times boringer. Anyways, so Chloe from countrybelle, has started a tag, and so i might help get the ball rolling.
The Fashionista Tag

describe your personal style.

I don’t even have a personal style. I can never make up my mind as to what ‘style’ I want to channel. Only thing I do wear a lot of is colour. I can’t remember ever going out in a full black, or monochromatic outfit. That’s my aim for this winter.
what are the staples in your wardrobe?
White t-shirts. Denim. Lots of denim shorts and jeans. Oh and scarves. I adore scarves.
what's your signature look?
Well my fail-safe, default outfit is white t-shirt, high-waisted shirt of whatever colour or pattern takes my fancy, some kind of belt (usually brown leather), and a scarf or necklace. Quick and easy.
what inspires you?
I could rattle of a list of things, but it’s pretty much the same as EVERYONE else slightly creative and non-poppy-tweeny-bopper would say. But I do really love textiles, and all the amazing fabrics out there, and how they are cut, draped, sewn etc. into amazing creations.
who is your fashion muse?
Aahhh don’t really have one. But I have to say, I am always amazed by the way Margherita Missoni dresses.
favorite purchase of all time?
There is NO way I could have one favourite. Although thinking really hard. My fringe bag, and vintage Pierre Cardin mesh bag.
biggest splurge?
I don’t really spend large amounts of money on one item. Shoes for $140 once ahaha, my docs were $200 but mum bought them so it doesn’t really count. That’s what happens when you’re a school kid with no job.
what's your beauty routine?
Wash my face, put on mascara & eyeliner and a bit of concealer. Not really into foundation or any other make up at the moment in this heat.
what jewelry do you never take off?
Aaah, I don’t wear one piece of jewelry all the time. Probably my watch if anything.
what are you wishing for?
A new sewing machine and overlocker. A really simple to use overlocker. And for someone to tell me a really good hairdresser in Brisbane who cuts curly hair well.
what are your obsessions?
Red Lips. Dreaming about about my future career, house, wardrobe and life. Oh and a current obsession is the Ralph Lauren Spring 09 rtw collection.

So I'm going to tag 3 girls who are so inspiring to me: Marielle, Lorraine and A Dreamer.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

australia, australia

I was tagged my Lorraine at Hello Chuck to do the 4th folder, 4th image thing. And it's excellent timing haha, because i don't even HAVE 4 folder anymore. Infact, all i have in my documents is a singular photos folder, where i went on a saving spree one night and re-saved all my photos of my photobucket account. And the 4th photos is....

...not very interesting, seeing as i posted it like not even a month ago. But for those who are interested, it's Emma Watson for Vogue Italia.

So it seems to me lately that quite a few people have been sharing their various inspiration books, folders or whatever they may use to keep their ideas (whether it be fashion related or not), swimming in the fore-front of their minds.
here is mine. Just a brown paper, spiral bound book. Pretty simple, tacky (sticky tape is sooo fast and effective), and rough around the edges, but hey, it does the job.
My book is a mixture of: various collections i liked enough to make a page for (this is Philim Lim)...

...magazine clippings, and the fashion sections from the random glossy 'lifestyle magazines' that we get in our mailbox every week...

...some weeks the fashion sections are just too amazing to forget about...

...and then theres a few of my own sketches, when late at night i have a brainwave, and need to draw them down...

...then of course i have street style pages...

...and even my friends feature!!...

SO that's that, my inspiration book!
Is everyone having a greeaaaattt australia day weekend? got your green and gold organised for tomorrow? i'm making sushi for our australia day bbq :) celebrating australia's multiculturalism. wow, i'm suprised i even remembered that word, sounds wayyy too much like a school-word. Speaking of school, 2 days. Oh man.

xx chloe

start over

Ok, I'm going to start fresh now. It's the new year, my computer is back, I'm still devastated that my photos are gone, but I'll just start new, and it'll all be fine.
I down to the Gold Coast for a night about a week ago, to stay with some friends. And we found an interesting antique shop loaded with Betty Boob paraphernalia, with other nick-nacks amongst it. And while looking through a pile of vintage 70s material, I found a German fashion/patterns magazine from autumn/winter 1961/62.
It's really interesting flicking through the pages, reading what i can of it, and observing the amazing fashions of the early 60s.






Oh and the magazine is called 'Beyer'

til later,

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Slight Delay

I am very sorry for the lacking in the blog posts front. My computer is still broken.
And to make things even better, the computer man called up my dad last night to tell him that he couldn't save anything from our computer. It is all lost. All my photos from 2006-now are gone. And I'm most disappointed that my inspiration folders have all been lost.

I'm using my brothers laptop, and so thats why the outfits posts are a no go. I assure you, I'll have alot to post about once my computer is back.

And I go back to school on Tuesday!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

pit stop

my computer is broken. therefore i am using my fathers computer, so i cant upload any of my photos because i have no folders to save them to, so this is just a quick stop. yes, i am alive, yes i am having FUN on my holidays, and yes (hopefully) i'll be back soon.
i have much to show

oh yeah, a bit of one of my favourite designers at the moment, Anna Sui



so i wish everyone a belated good weekend, if that even makes any sense.
and now Marielle is back from France and we can have fun times buying clothes and reading blogs and exploring cool new places together. I love summer and having no school, and then going back to school so refreshed and ready to learn...
til next time!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

give it a go, kiddo

Not going to school 5 days a week really takes its toll on me. I forget how to speak english, and mix up words.

Devappointed: devastated & disappointed
Maga: mega & mammoth

Or maybe it's because I've got too many adjectives swimming around my head, because of those 10 years at school, and there's never enough sentence space to say them all.





Ok there's something i haven't quite made my mind up about: whether it's better to write more on this blog, or hardly anything at all. I mean some days i honestly just can't be bothered. But other days I can. And I think i need more, i dunno, structure i guess, and stick to one. I'm not sure where this post, or this blog is headed. Aahhh well time will tell...

(Van Gogh t-shirt gift from Sai, Cut of Jeans from i have no idea, American Apparel thigh high socks gift from Ella, Country Road wedges gift from parents, Loyal men's watch gift from parents. I'm one walking birthday present today)


Monday, January 5, 2009


Life is very good at the moment. All my friends are gradually arriving back from europe; i have feathers braided into my hair; i have 3 new books full of amazing photographs and fashion to inspire me; i am not transparently white anymore after my week at the beach and the weather is amazing. Hopefully that doesn't sound too shallow.

Today i just chilled with friends at the shops. Yeah, I know, prits exciting.


ignore my face in the next 2...




ummm wearing. aahh i can't think. ok. dad's tshirt, op shopped skirt, lipstik gladiators, necklace from sportsgirl and brooches from germany and uhh myer.

well my holidays are going just swimmingly, infact, i'm going to the beach again for the day tomorrow. have a good evening all :)

Friday, January 2, 2009

HAPPY 2009


This is from new years eve, when 70,000 other people gathered with us on one beachfront/road/restaurant and shopping precinct to celebrate the new year. and my birthday. It was and epic night full of funness, and a great way to welcome the new year and end what was one very chillaxed week of swimming, shopping, tanning and drinking coffee.

So i started the week just with my family,

And then i went to Woodford Folk Festival for a day. And it was amazing. One but mish-mash of colour and hippies and amazing music and amazing people

And then for the last few days some friends came up to the beach. And the weather was amazing



hope you all had a great new years, and that 2009 will be a good one for all!