Friday, April 17, 2009



Marielle and I have decided to join forces on the blogging front. Because... we believe that combining together will create one big explosion of great inspirationness. And we were getting a bit tired of our blogs, but neither of us want to leave it completely, so this was the perfect midway solution.
So head straight on over to Anemonepomme (yeah, we're pretty creative in just combining the two names....)

p.s. THIS WAS MY 100TH POST hahaha, how pathetic but perfectly fitting.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Marielle and I have planned something BRILLIANT
So stick around homies


Saturday, March 21, 2009


yes, that's right. posting another post about my slackness with posting. but I've come to a decision.
Blogs + trying to do well at maths b, chemistry & biology = complete meltdown.
I am going to keep the blog, but there will be many prolonged period of time in which i hardly blog at all. I am tempted to completely delete this all together, but say, during holidays and slower periods of school work times, i think it would still be nice to update a bit.
As i said this is just documentation of the things i like and etc. I do want to delete it, but i have to slow down (although i don't think i could go any slower than at the moment).
So long, farewell, aufwiedersehen, adieu.

p.s. I'm going to New Zealand on Friday, for New Zealand secondary schools rowing champs. (yeah, Maadi Cup, whatevs). So if anyone wants to drop on by Lake Karapiro, and hunt me down amongst like 2000 people, feel free. Actaully. Probs dont bother, it would be a huge mish.

xxx love you all

Friday, March 13, 2009

I suck. It seems like i'm always posting being like, sorry i haven't posted much blah blah blah. But to tell you the truth. Life is just pretty hectic full of school and other time consuming things.

This is a bit of inspiration i've drawing upon for my fashion parade creations for school. I love the little bodice things happening at the moment. Love Love Love.

Did i mention that i love them?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So I'm back from my escapades in Tasmania. It was so epically cold. So cold that I had to wear like 5 layers of clothing, and therefore had to waddle around like a penguin because of the restrictiveness of 5 layers of clothing. I can't really handle cold weather. At all.
And I didn't actually do any sight-seeing there because a. my days were spent at the rowing course and b. i was too tired to see anything anyway and c. the countryside is prits much exactly the same as New Zealand except a bit browner so it wasn't anything new. The rowing was good. Weather was crap and water had like whitecaps. Not perfect conditions but whatevs trevs.
Anyhow. So before i went, Marizzle and I had a bit of a chill sesh at mine, and i took all the photos off her camera that i wanted. And guess what was in there. Photos from the day at Mooloolaba, where we took my header. Fun stuff.


See this jacket here. Well, it has become my mission in life (along with a list of like 50 other things) to recreate it. Which means having spare time, finding it in an op shop, and sewing on the gold strips and gold buttons. SO KEEN.

I made a skirt with some denim material i acid washed yonks ago. It's pretty much the king of freaking-awesome-ville.
But, that's another story.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

my condolences

Oh how i dream about those shoes...

Sorry for the lack of updating this week. I have been very busy with school work and trying to get everything done. Because, you see, I'm flying to Tasmania tomorrow for the Australian Rowing Championships. It's the regatta I've been training for the last 4 or so months for, and the reason i didn't go to Germany last September-December with my class. So yeah, kind of hectic. I'm looking forward to go to Tasmania and seeing the place, except there's the ever looming final, Thursday morning, which is kind of spoiling it for me. Vaairrrrr nervous.

Chasseyyy Pommie and I did have a bit of a chill sesh at my place last night though, and we took some crackkerrr photos (but not really, just outfit ones), but unfortunately we couldn't upload them onto my computer because didn't have a memory stick reader or something. Sorry for the slackness.

oh yeah, from my last post, i don't think i actually said i play the flute. Some of you guys muct know Stravinsky's Firebird pretty well... maybe

I'll be back in about a week!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

obladi oblada life goes on bra'

A miscellaneous collection of photos previously posted, and ones i found saved around the place

orchestral excerpt from 'the firebird', that i am currently stressing myself over

one chick i really wish i was

bad-quality-reflecting-all-the-wrong-things photo i took of a v. cool gallery

a print in my room

little doe is (ultimate) love.

This weekend is a waste. Well, not really. But I'm spending both days in some place called Murwillumbah. And unfortunately for me, the op shops today didn't live up to the expectations set from my last visit there. Also, very out of the blue, my mum bought some v. cool button down shirts from cotton on today, one with tiny blue and white squares, and another with some crazy paisley print. V suprising and v excited to spend time imagining outfits.

So long, Fair well, Aufwiedersehen, Adieu

Thursday, February 19, 2009

eccentric sympathetic

I'm going to be the outrageous woman who wears the most eccentric clothes and says the most inappropriately-appropriate things. I'm going to pick my kids up from school and have all the mothers talking. My house will look like a shambles to outsiders, but really it will be full of the most wonderful memories of exotic places. That's my dream for say, 30 or 40 years...



Trinny and Sussanah summed it up pretty perfectly...

And I am currrrrently in the process of planning winter essentials for the coming months. I love new seasons :)


Monday, February 16, 2009

i'm your basic average girl

At the end of this year we have a semi-formal. And it's a dress up one. So everyone rocks up as disney princesses and ninja turtles and sailor moons and whatnaught. Today, while we were supposed to be practicing protest songs in music, we were googling and brainstorming over what to go as. Right now I'm stuck between Kim Possible and Poison Ivy from batman. Don't laugh, it's a pretty tough decision hahaha....

Today was a big brainstorming day. Brainstorming my english assignment, fashion parade outifts, semi-formal outfits, and what to wear with this vest... still not really sure what to do with it. To chop, or not to chop...



(2nd & 3rd photos are kind of... mid-leap)
AA skirt, op shopped tunic dress, vintage vest, hand-made bow & country road wedges.


Yay, I got an award, thanks Amelia!
Well, I've got places to go and people to see (not really, more like homework due and flute practice & gym to do)

Friday, February 13, 2009


Sorry for the lack of presence this week, it's been a pretty up and down week. On Tuesday one of my best friend's mother passed away. It was completely unexpected and we are all still in shock. She was the most amazing woman i have ever met, and did so much for the community, i can't even begin to describe. She was always so positive and vibrant and had a beautiful imagination and personality.
It has been a tough week, but hopefully things will steadily, start getting back to as normal as possible.

We had a plain-clothes-day/valentine's day thing at school today. as per every year actually.


sorry about my bathroom as the background. the best i could do when it's dark at night. my room is an absolute mess. and so is the whole house really.
wearing- aa skirt; old white tshirt; sportsgirl & mum's belts; vintage scarf; docs; op shopped bag.


this was then transferred into a stencil for a simplification project.
happy valentines day!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

toot sweets sounds like what they are


this is my procrastination at its finest. i was supposed to be doing homework at this time. note: ripped up sheets from 2 page english task 'about me', and the magazines i read instead.

First of all, with all the bush fires around Victoria and South Australia, I hope none of you were caught out in it. It really is unbelievable that one end of the country is caught up in raging fire, while the other end is completely flooded out. Bad stuff.

I'm pretty sure most of you own/ have read/ have perused this book before. But I'm going to post about it anyways because a. all i'm wearing during the week these days is uniform and pjs; b. i love the collagey-ness of it; and c. she really uses my kind of sarcasm :)
So here are some of my favourites from the book, Like I Give A Frock.





Oh man the heat. Anyone else on the verge of melting away into oblivion? yesterday it was 38 degrees preeetyyyy much the whole day. and in our big thick school skirts... what a killer. Hopefully today will be better.
Til next time :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

hey there good looking

So I went away again this weekend. Which makes it the 3rd weekend in a row. I am so psyched for this coming weekend to chillax, maybe check some markets out, reacquaint myself with whats happening in the outer-rowing-circle world, and actually wear something a bit interesting (as opposed to rowing-clothes and 5-hour-car-trip-clothes).
Now let me acquaint you all with a few things i have been... well loving isn't the right world... lusting after isn't the right phrase either.... i dunno. pondering. lately.
yes, pondering over the amazing-ness, and frantically trying to come up with ways of incorporating these few things into my wardrobe. with a few of my own things mixed in between.








Van Gogh t-shirt. Red Lips. Face Art. Venice Bag. Topshop. Scarves. i-D October 08.

Oh mannnn that new Topshop collection is absolutely amazing. I want it all.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

when the red-red robin comes bop-bop-bopping along

I'm am totally stuck for free time at the moment. So this will be a quickie. School is so time consuming. But on a complete change of subject, anyone else totally hanging out for winter like me? I am so keen on bringing out the thick stockings and woolen socks and scarves. So psyched for scarves. And while perusing a friends vogue spring rtw collections magazine, you know, the one that was out like in Paris or somewhere, i was stricken by the felt hats at Diane Von Furstenberg. They are amazing. I really need a big floppy felt hat, for those winter days when my hair is in pretty much one big dreadlock. Actually, one right now to cover my mess of hair would be good.


I also bought an amazing vest in an op shops the other day, and I am stumped as to whether shorten it, or keep it the same. Because it's a really weird shape, and kind of flares out at the bottom. Although I'm really not inclined to hack away at the amazing fabric, i think it's a bit too much of an old-fashioned cut, and could do with a bit of a crop. Ideas?


My obsession with peacock feathers never ceases to grow. and has now even transferred to my art visual diary. The only solution for this obsession would be a pet peacock, i think...


Have a lurrvellyy week all!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

if you can imagine it

I couldn't wait til i got back to post this. I made a peacock feather headband/headpiece thing. It's out of 1 peacock feather, a random button, and 2 brown feathers underneath (that you can kind of see/ my hair is covering)


ignore my tshirt. yes the holes in the neck bit were intentional. a kind of let's-see-what-happens-when-i-try-and-shred-this-tshirt attempt gone miserably wrong

so I've now been back at school a whole week. and it is SO hard. well actually just i guess because i havent actually done proper school in about 4 months. i forgot how you actually have to be quiet, and listen, and take notes, and then you have to actually understand. oh man, i went chemistry, biology, maths, all in a row today. my brain is so burnt out and all a big jumble of cells, organelles, funcitons, relations, compounds and elements. tough stuff. back to the books again for the year i guess...

ok now i promise i am actually going away for the weekend