Saturday, March 21, 2009


yes, that's right. posting another post about my slackness with posting. but I've come to a decision.
Blogs + trying to do well at maths b, chemistry & biology = complete meltdown.
I am going to keep the blog, but there will be many prolonged period of time in which i hardly blog at all. I am tempted to completely delete this all together, but say, during holidays and slower periods of school work times, i think it would still be nice to update a bit.
As i said this is just documentation of the things i like and etc. I do want to delete it, but i have to slow down (although i don't think i could go any slower than at the moment).
So long, farewell, aufwiedersehen, adieu.

p.s. I'm going to New Zealand on Friday, for New Zealand secondary schools rowing champs. (yeah, Maadi Cup, whatevs). So if anyone wants to drop on by Lake Karapiro, and hunt me down amongst like 2000 people, feel free. Actaully. Probs dont bother, it would be a huge mish.

xxx love you all


marielle said...

yesss totally agree on the merging blogs thing. wonderful idea. and i was also thinking of not writing anything anymore. just have pictures. cause i ususally look bck on what i wrote and im like woahhh what a loser. so yeah, just photos of clothe and outfits and inspiring things?
lovee yaaaa

ed said...


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oriwa said...

I love the third image!
Hope you have an amazing time in NZ, its my homeland!

xx oriwa editorial