Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So I'm back from my escapades in Tasmania. It was so epically cold. So cold that I had to wear like 5 layers of clothing, and therefore had to waddle around like a penguin because of the restrictiveness of 5 layers of clothing. I can't really handle cold weather. At all.
And I didn't actually do any sight-seeing there because a. my days were spent at the rowing course and b. i was too tired to see anything anyway and c. the countryside is prits much exactly the same as New Zealand except a bit browner so it wasn't anything new. The rowing was good. Weather was crap and water had like whitecaps. Not perfect conditions but whatevs trevs.
Anyhow. So before i went, Marizzle and I had a bit of a chill sesh at mine, and i took all the photos off her camera that i wanted. And guess what was in there. Photos from the day at Mooloolaba, where we took my header. Fun stuff.


See this jacket here. Well, it has become my mission in life (along with a list of like 50 other things) to recreate it. Which means having spare time, finding it in an op shop, and sewing on the gold strips and gold buttons. SO KEEN.

I made a skirt with some denim material i acid washed yonks ago. It's pretty much the king of freaking-awesome-ville.
But, that's another story.


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