Thursday, February 26, 2009

my condolences

Oh how i dream about those shoes...

Sorry for the lack of updating this week. I have been very busy with school work and trying to get everything done. Because, you see, I'm flying to Tasmania tomorrow for the Australian Rowing Championships. It's the regatta I've been training for the last 4 or so months for, and the reason i didn't go to Germany last September-December with my class. So yeah, kind of hectic. I'm looking forward to go to Tasmania and seeing the place, except there's the ever looming final, Thursday morning, which is kind of spoiling it for me. Vaairrrrr nervous.

Chasseyyy Pommie and I did have a bit of a chill sesh at my place last night though, and we took some crackkerrr photos (but not really, just outfit ones), but unfortunately we couldn't upload them onto my computer because didn't have a memory stick reader or something. Sorry for the slackness.

oh yeah, from my last post, i don't think i actually said i play the flute. Some of you guys muct know Stravinsky's Firebird pretty well... maybe

I'll be back in about a week!


ana b. said...

Hey congrats on getting to the rowing regatta! I'm not sure those Vuitton (?) shoes will be so great for rowing but imagine playing the flute in them! Swoon.

ChucklovesBob said...

Gooood luck! :)
and mm, not so sure about the firebird, but we're playing the moldau.

xs said...

good luck with the regatta!

marielle said...

I MISS're going to own everyone.