Saturday, February 21, 2009

obladi oblada life goes on bra'

A miscellaneous collection of photos previously posted, and ones i found saved around the place

orchestral excerpt from 'the firebird', that i am currently stressing myself over

one chick i really wish i was

bad-quality-reflecting-all-the-wrong-things photo i took of a v. cool gallery

a print in my room

little doe is (ultimate) love.

This weekend is a waste. Well, not really. But I'm spending both days in some place called Murwillumbah. And unfortunately for me, the op shops today didn't live up to the expectations set from my last visit there. Also, very out of the blue, my mum bought some v. cool button down shirts from cotton on today, one with tiny blue and white squares, and another with some crazy paisley print. V suprising and v excited to spend time imagining outfits.

So long, Fair well, Aufwiedersehen, Adieu


ChucklovesBob said...

do you play flute?
and that chick is really quite a cool cat.

marielle said...

how about you take the extra 4 seconds it takes to write 'ery' on the end of very and get it over with!

tha chick is cool.

ana b. said...

stravinsky is a kicker to play. That doesn't make me want to go back to my orchestra days. Haha. Good luck.

Style On Track said...

beautiful collection of images and I loved your personal connection to all of them :)

sophie; said...

oh, thank you very much!


A dreamer said...

ohhh you play flute.... awesome.
well then me, you and lorraine can one day jam together. wooppp!

yeh little doe is sooooo drool worthy.